Discover surf travel like nobody before through your own extraordinary experience. We create unique, tailor-made trips that are meticulously planned and brought to life with personal service, luxury and charm.

From jungle hideaways to over-water villas, from voyages to the corners of the earth to organic farmed meals. Your experiences are completely customised and managed from the very first brief to the flight back home.

Allow us to guide you to beautiful and remote destinations, and through the highest standards in personal surf coaching and safety, help you enjoy some of the best waves on the planet.

We understand that every dream is different and it’s our passion to help you explore yours.


Felippe Dal Piero

Felippe has planned and led numerous adventures to numerous locations, in-charge of the management and operations of luxury surf adventures and yacht expeditions around the world. He has been operating at the highest levels of service alongside the top rated hospitality providers in the world. This required high levels of discretion and professionalism while we catered to some of the world’s most elite business people, billionaires, sports stars and celebrities.

Melanie Bonella Dal Piero

Melanie has a passion for the ocean and is deeply connected with nature. She is a traveller at heart which took her to many places in the world (Bali, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama Europe, Morocco, Malaysia and many more) capturing the essence, culture, landscapes and people through her camera’s lens.

She is passionately caring, and enjoys sharing her active & healthy lifestyle with everyone who is interested in this way of life. As a Mental Coach, Personal Trainer and Raindrop Essential Oils Practitioner, she enhances the Mahalo Surf Experience trips with her extensive knowledge and experience with grounded support on all levels.

Melanie Bonella Dal Piero

Christian Moutinho

Christian had a great career supporting, mentoring and shaping many athletes to reach high levels of performance. Born and raised in Brazil, Christian now lives on Vancouver Island (Canada) where he enjoys the outside with his family, surfing and working as a Paramedic.

Christian is still involved in the development of athletes and has been across the globe; Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, multiple Indonesian islands just to mention a few. With Mahalo as a guest and coach to provide first class instruction to world’s most elite athletes and sports stars.

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