The Villa

If you are looking for the ultimate in privacy, luxury, and personalised service, Sweet Bocas is the place.

Located on an exclusive 15-acre private island on Panama’s sparkling Caribbean coast, Sweet Bocas is one of the most remarkable overwater homes in the world, accessible exclusively by boat.  

With sustainability and culture at the heart, this nine-bedroom property offers a luxury escape surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature.

Surf &

Legend has it that Bocas del Toro gets its name from waves crashing upon volcanic rock making a distinct sound similar to the roar of a bull.

It comes to no surprise then that nine ocean facing islands in Bocas Del Toro boast some of the best surfing in the Caribbean and the world. The main surf season runs from late November to April with secondary season in June, July and August. The waves are varied to fit all needs; sand beaches of the highest quality to reef points and secret breaks lie around every bend in this archipelago.

Sweet Bocas has partnered with us to provide professional surf coaching with an intensive one-on-one coaching with one of our more senior coaches and watch your wave count and ride progress skyrocket.

From Farm to Table

Everything served at Sweet Bocas is inspired by the food they grow in their greenhouses and farm. 

Permaculture is an essential part of dining at Sweet Bocas, and you will delve into a true farm to table experience with a private chef bringing organic, natural ingredients harmoniously together to create an unforgettable culinary vision.