If you would rather stay in a resort, you are in for a treat.

From family-friendly beachfront villas to romantic overwater suites built in a traditional Maldivian-style; here, everything breathes nature, comfort, and tranquillity. Step out of your room and get in touch with yourself and the exquisite natural environment around you by ambling through verdant forests and taking a plunge in the azure Indian Ocean.


Escape to a palm-laden island ringed by sandy beaches and a translucent lagoon thriving with marine life.

You will find the resort offers an individual and natural style along with a wonderful sense of privacy. In short, the Maldives takes your preferred lifestyle and makes it a million times better. This is why they call it paradise

Surf &

Surfing is the kindling to most trips to the Maldives, with swell and wind peak season falling between April and October.

Whether you are staying at one of our luxurious waterfront resorts or aboard a state-of-the-art private yacht, enjoying a variety of waves is a matter of course.


Take a short boat ride or short paddle and revel in the empty line-ups, riding perfect, crystal-clear waves in the countrys best surfing locations – the epitome of a Maldivian surf trip.


Alternatively, you can go snorkeling, island hopping, go whale sharks and manta ray spotting, do yoga or meditation, go stand up paddle boarding, have beach barbecue parties, cocktails at a resort, and more.